At Language Australis, we provide accurate translations in Australia for a range of clients, including individuals, businesses and government organisations. Our team of Greek translators are all National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) certified and are able to translate a whole range of documents from Greek to English and English to Greek.

As all of our translators are NAATI certified which means that they can translate documents for official purposes in Australia. These official documents include submissions to the Department of Immigration, Universities and legal documents.

Our translators have a wide range of knowledge in varying topics such as business, commerce, the law, medicine and science. With the right knowledge in their retrospective fields, we can provide you with a translator who can assist you with the most accurate translation for provide outstanding service for the personal needs of you and your business.

Language Australis is one of Australia’s most professional, best and most reputable translation specialists. We offer our services in a broad range of issues that matter the most to you. All of our translation specialists are native speakers in their language of choice, meaning that you will not only always receive accurate translations, but they will have the right tone, voice and structure to convey the message of the original document appropriately.

The choice of translator is imperative in in ensuring that the Greek translation will read as well as the original source document. Cultural boundaries often interfere with an accurate translation so by carefully assigning the right translator for every specific request you can be assured that you are fluently expressing your business terminology in the latest cultural lingo to reach your target audience.

If you need National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) certified Greek translators who have in-depth knowledge and experience in the industry, then Language Australis’ team of highly skilled translators can help you.

Facts about the Greek language

Before thinking of having your documents translated by our Greek translation specialists, why not discover a little about the language itself?

  • Part of the Indo-European language family, Greek falls into two general classifications: Ancient or Classical Greek and Modern Greek, which is spoken today.
  • Greek is spoken by over 13 million people living in Greece, Albania, Cyprus and the Greek diaspora.
  • Melbourne is one of the largest Greek communities in the world. According to the 2011 census, there were almost 400,000 people of Greek ancestry living in Australia.
  • Like Latin, the Greek language has had a huge influence on other languages – even the Romans were absorbing many Greek words into their vocabulary some 1500 years ago.
  • You don’t have to look far to see the many thousands of English words that have their origin in Greek: alphabet, dialogue, grammar, telephone, microscope, kleptomaniac!
  • Words that start with ph usually come from the Greek lexicon: philosopy, photo, phobia.
  • The same goes for many of our prefixes (anti-, hypher-, mono-, neo-) and suffixes (ism-, ise-, logy-, oid-).
  • An important thing for multilingual typesetters and graphic designers to remember is that the symbol for the Greek question mark resembles the English semi-colon – ;
  • An interesting claim to fame is that Greek was the first language to use vowels! And back in the day, Ancient Greek was written from right to left – like Hebrew and Arabic.
  • One last (long) word on this fascinating language. Greek boasts the longest word in literature, thanks to Ancient Greek playwright Aristophanes. It describes a fictional fish dish and contains 171 letters. Need to translate it? For our Greek language experts, this is just another day at the office!