At Language Australis, we understand that having a skilled and qualified interpreter is essential to the integrity and reliability of an organisation. You are only as good as you sound despite your efforts to prepare and research your presentation. This is why choosing the right interpreter is so important.

The representation of you and your business during your next meeting or presentation can solely rely on the proficiency and knowledge of your interpreter. All of the interpreters at Language Australis are professionals who have extensive knowledge in a range of subjects from legal and medical to education, all the while strictly following the interpreter code of ethics.

Being in the hands of experienced interpreters who can express ideas clearly, quickly and precisely in both languages is all part of the service that we provide. Interpreting is not as simple as providing a direct translation of the subject matter, but rather, projecting the right tone, register and formality of the original content to prevent an unfortunate cultural misinterpretation.

Relying on the skills of an unprofessional interpreter can be highly disadvantageous. Often, people who are not qualified can have difficulty expressing themselves, especially if complex subject matter is being discussed; they also risk compromising neutrality and confidentiality. These factors can jeopardise your business, which is why it is so important to use one of our professional interpreters.

We understand that working with an interpreter may initially place you in unknown territory. Having an interpreter you can rely on, who is on time, has an understanding of you and your organisation and the best language skills is what you can come to expect from Language Australis.

Our professionals can assist in you in these types of interpreting:

  • Whisper Interpreting: This form of interpreting is performed in courtrooms, and other formal settings, and involves sitting next to the listener and relaying the interpreted information. This can often be challenging as it requires accuracy at a fast pace.
  • Consecutive Interpreting: In this instance, the interpreter listens to the speaker and waits for a pause to hand over the information in the correct tone and register to the target audience.

When you choose Language Australis and our NAATI-accredited interpreters, we are confident that you will have the experience of professional, highly skilled and accurate interpreting, every time.