English Proofreading, Editing and Localisation

It may seem strange to offer proofreading and editing services in English on a website dedicated to translations and interpreting – but like these services, if the proofreading and editing of your English text is top notch, it can only reflect well on your organisation’s image.

And the reverse is true too. Nothing brings down your reputation quicker than a publication containing bad grammar and typos.

To steal the heart of your target reader, whether you’re in the public or private sector, producing a brochure or business letter, you need to find the right words. But you also need the right voice, tone, grammar, spelling and attention to detail to truly impress. You need to be open to new ideas and allergic to bureaucratese and gobbledegook.

Simply put, you need an editor to sculpt your text into a work of art.

Two for one

Language Australis offers the double whammy: the services of an editor and proofreader to help you create high-impact written product, targeted for results.


When pictures don’t paint a thousand words

No matter how striking the design or glossy the stock of your latest communication, your credibility will be shattered if the text is shabby and the typos plentiful. Enter the editor.

Editors are the unsung heroes of seamless text. They see things that 20 people in your organisation may have checked already. They chip, chisel and polish away so that your written product sparkles and your status soars.

Our Language Australis editors:

  • build consistent, logical and smooth-flowing text
  • restructure text for the most effective results
  • eradicate errors in grammar, spelling and word choice
  • help check facts and references
  • use electronic tracking devices to highlight changes


Crossing the eyes as well as the Ts

Proofreading is essentially a lighter form of editing, concentrating on grammar, spelling and punctuation solutions. It often comes at the end of a job when your written product has been edited and is ready for print.

Our Language Australis proofreaders:

  •  are adept at both electronic and hard copy proofreading
  •  recognise that errors in electronic editing are often picked up only at page proof stage
  •  are your last line of defence before your communication goes public!

Language Australis edits and proofreads just about anything in the written word, across a range of industries, to get you top results.

Our work includes:

  • Advertising
  • Annual reports
  • Websites
  • Corporate communications
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Email promotions and correspondence
  • Newsletters
  • Media releases
  • Business letters and reports
  • Book, film and art reviews
  • Feature articles
  • Book editing
  • Thesis editing

Our editors and proofreaders are word nerds in the truest sense.

University graduates, they have a critical eye, a can-do attitude and a passion for simple, engaging communication. Some are also freelance writers for Australia’s major metropolitan newspapers and journals and cover areas as diverse as business, language, travel, the arts, academia, humour, lifestyle and fiction.

Language Australis collaborates with like-minded professional copywriters and editors from diverse backgrounds. We also work in with a pool of dedicated designers and printers for one-stop-shop requirements.


Because we love languages, at Language Australis we believe that one English language is never enough. By this we mean that there is Australian English, American English and British English.

One of our niche services is to localise the English in your document to suit your target market. You may have a tourist brochure destined for readers in California, for example. If you have a sentence that reads: ‘Don your bathers and lounge around our swimming pool’, the reader may be discombobulated. Try swimsuit instead. Likewise, you wouldn’t write about nature strips for readers in the UK. The equivalent over there is green verge.

While readers may understand these ‘foreign’ words from the context of the sentence, they’ll feel much more at home, that is, more open to your message, if the wording is in ‘their language’.

Contact Language Australis now to discuss your proofreading, editing and localisation needs: 03 9571 2227, lingo@languageaustralis.com.au